Pregnancy day by day By Womb institute






. It is packed full of useful things you will need to know about when you are expecting your baby.

It gives you advice on your diet, advising you that you should include foods from each food group (Carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and protein foods) and what you should avoid eating during your pregnancy.

I didn’t realise, until I read this book that I may experience changes in my hair. The growth speeds up and is likely to become thicker and look glossier. Or if your hair is dry it may become drier or if it is greasy it may become more oily. Pregnancy may also affect the growth of your nails.

What is so different about this book is that it not only gives you loads on information that you will need to know about, but also shows you what is going on inside your body with day by day 3-D ultrasound images. I must admit I was at first a little shocked at some of the images, but as the time went on I began to think that this is what my little baby must be looking like. I feel that it is amazing to be able to see so clearly what nature is doing. It made me feel like I knew what was going on inside my body, and made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.