Well being mantras for new born





Well - Being Mantras For The New Born

Suktas From The Atharva Veda

Since ancient times, it has been known that a new born child adopts impressions from its surroundings and starts learning things as soon as it is born. Ancient scriptures like Vedas prescribe mantras for the health, well-being and the development of the new born child. This album contains mantras from the Atharva Veda to bless your new born child with a healthy and virtuous life. It also contains mantras believed to eradicate diseases enabling your child to pulsate with the rhythm of creation and build a foundation for the overall growth of the child. The mantras in this album promote important qualities of leadership, bravery, creativity in the new born child. This album is the first of its kind, based on traditional practices with the hope that children born with good health, intelligence and love will ensure a bright future for our planet.
Tracks Listing

  1. Shatayu Mantra (To bless the child with long and healthy life)
  2. Raksha Kavacham(To eradicate diseases in your child)
  3. Panchatatva Prarthana(blseeisngs from 5 elements earth, sky, wind, water & fire)
  4. Nav-Pran Mantra (To bless the new born with a healthy & prosperous life)
  5. Papnashini Mantra
  6. Kalyan Mantra (Mantras for over all growth and well being of the new born child)
  7. Ashirvachan