Garbha Kalyana Mantras





Format: CD
Number of Discs: 1

Label: GIPSY

Year of Original Release: 2009
Our Release Date: August 6, 2011
Catalogue #: SAVA1671

Genre: Music » Indian » Devotional » Chants & Mantras
Track Name
1. Garbhadan - An Invocation To Loard Vishnu To Grant The Baby Characteristics Of Vishnu Swarup
2. Samraksha - Prayer To Different Gods To Protect The Mother And Child For Each Of The Nine Months
3. Ramraksha - Mantras For Kavach (Armour) To Create A Divine Armour For Every Part Of The Body
4. Durgasaptasashi - Salutation To The Devi Who Lives In Every Living Being
5. Bhaagwat - Shlokas About The Soul And Gayatri Mantra And Shri Krishna
6. Bhagwat Gita - About Virtue And Righteousness In An Ideal Person
7. Kalyan Shloka - Shlokas That Are Benefitial To The Baby And For Its Protection And To Make The Baby
8. Puranukhta - For Purifying The Environment Around The Baby
9. Aashirwachana - Wishing For The Well Being Of All Mankind