Yoga For Pregnant women (HINDI)





New Yoga VCD for Pregnant Ladies By Swami Ramdev ji

Description : his New VCD contains Pranayamas, Yoga Assanas, Accupressure & Home remedy for Pregnant Ladies.

  • * If you want to be blessed with a healthy, powerful, Intelligent & high moral values. Regular Practice of yoga pranayama will prevent you to become a mother of a Mongole, Disabled , mentally retarded or sick child.
  • * It will also prevent you from depression, high BP, Obesity, Thyroid, Asthma, Arthritis, Vomiting, loose motions and back ache during the pregnancy. All The usefull breathing exercises, small exercises, home remedies, for pregnant women. Regular & balance diet herbs for conception and all the "sanskars" and ancient traditions as preached and told by our Indian saints & rishis.
  • * Set of 2 VCDs not to be sold separately.